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    “Inside Kim Jong Un’s Luxury Armored Train: French Wine, Lobster BBQ, and Security”


    Inside Kim Jong Un's Luxury Armored Train: French Wine, Lobster BBQ, and Security

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has made headlines once again with his arrival in Russia, embarking on his first international trip in over four years. The enigmatic leader, known for his penchant for lavish lifestyles, opted for a journey on his luxury armored train, setting off from Pyongyang to meet President Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok. This trip marks a departure from the leader’s usual travel preferences, as it’s the first overseas visit since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, reported by The Guardian.Kim’s affinity for traveling in his distinctive train is well-documented, with his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, initiating the tradition of long-distance train travel. His father, Kim Jong Il, famously preferred trains to flights. Kim Jong Un, it seems, continues this family tradition and values the train’s unique combination of security and luxury.

    This luxury train, nicknamed the “moving fortress,” is a marvel of engineering. With a staggering 90 carriages, it offers the leader and his entourage an opulent mode of transportation. Onboard, Kim enjoys gourmet meals featuring fresh lobster and French Bordeaux and Burgundy red wines, according to Russian official Konstantin Pulikovsky, who had the privilege of traveling with the leader.

    The train itself is a feat of modern engineering, boasting bulletproof windows and reinforced walls and floors designed to withstand explosives. The South Korean unification ministry describes it as “equipped with attack weapons and a helicopter for escape in case of emergency.” However, due to the weight of this additional equipment, the train moves at a relatively slow pace of around 60 kilometers (37 miles) per hour.

    Despite its modest speed, Kim’s train has advantages over air travel, particularly when it comes to unforeseen circumstances, such as potential attacks. The South Korean unification ministry notes that an aircraft carrying Kim would have significantly reduced chances of survival in the event of an attack.

    Security around these luxurious trains is of paramount importance, with extensive measures in place to scan routes and stations ahead for potential threats, including bombs. Kim Jong Un’s safety is of the utmost concern, and his preference for train travel aligns with his belief that it offers both security and luxury.

    One notable journey was Kim’s travel through China, covering approximately 4,500 kilometers to reach Vietnam for a historic meeting with then-President Donald Trump. This marathon journey took two and a half days to complete.

    While Kim Jong Un’s armored train may seem like a relic of the past, it continues to serve as an essential mode of transportation for the North Korean leader. The train’s distinctive dark green color, 90 carriages, and tinted windows remain emblematic of Kim’s unique approach to international travel.

    As Kim’s meeting with President Putin unfolds, the world watches closely, not only for the diplomatic discussions but also for glimpses into the extraordinary world of Kim Jong Un’s luxury armored train.

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