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    “Iran Threatens Revenge for Israel’s Attack: US on High Alert”


    US on Alert as Iran Threatens Revenge for Israel's Strike on Tehran's Syria Embassy

    Tensions have escalated in the Middle East following an Israeli strike on the Iranian embassy in Syria, prompting the United States to heighten its alert status amid fears of potential retaliatory attacks by Iran.

    A US official revealed that both the US and Israel are bracing for possible strikes by Iran targeting Israeli and American assets in the region. While the anticipation of an Iranian response is strong, uncertainties remain regarding the exact nature and timing of the retaliation. “We’re definitely at a high state of vigilance,” the official stated, highlighting the imminent threat perception.

    The recent Israeli airstrike on Iran’s embassy in Damascus resulted in the death of a senior Iranian military commander and seven Iranian military advisors, according to reports from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. The loss of such high-ranking personnel has amplified tensions and raised concerns about further escalations in the conflict.

    In response to these developments, US President Joe Biden engaged in discussions with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address the growing threat posed by Iran’s potential retaliatory actions. The US and Israel have since maintained close communication and monitoring of the situation, particularly as intelligence reports indicate Iran’s preparations for a counterattack using Shahed loitering drones and cruise missiles.

    The timing and target of Iran’s potential strike remain uncertain, although analysts suggest that an Israeli diplomatic facility could be a likely target in the coming days, possibly before the end of Ramadan next week. US officials have expressed concerns about Iranian military actions but emphasized their focus on avoiding civilian casualties.

    Amid escalating rhetoric and warnings, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s top advisor issued a stern message to the US, urging Washington to stay out of the conflict between Iran and Israel. The advisor emphasized Iran’s determination to retaliate while cautioning against US involvement to avoid further escalation.

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