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    “Israeli Assault on Gaza Leaves 8 Dead Following Evacuation Directive”


    Israeli Strikes Kill 8 in Gaza Following Evacuation Order

    In a tragic escalation of violence, Israeli forces conducted deadly airstrikes in southern Gaza on Tuesday, resulting in the deaths of at least eight people and leaving more than 30 others wounded. The bombardment targeted areas around Khan Yunis, the main city in southern Gaza, shortly after Israeli authorities ordered Palestinians to evacuate from regions near the territory’s border with Israel and Egypt.

    The latest military action came in response to a rocket barrage on southern Israel, claimed by the group Islamic Jihad, which has been active alongside Hamas in the region. Israeli forces issued evacuation orders for most areas east of Khan Yunis and Rafah, including towns like Al-Qarara and Bani Suhaila. Ahmad Najjar, a resident of Bani Suhaila, described a widespread sense of fear and anxiety among locals, with many forced to flee their homes.

    This recent wave of violence follows a similar evacuation order last week in Gaza City’s Shujaiya district, marking six consecutive days of intense clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants. According to reports, artillery shelling continued in northern Gaza on Tuesday, accompanied by ongoing gun battles.

    The Israeli military confirmed its operations across multiple areas, including Shujaiya, central Gaza, and Rafah, where airstrikes targeted what they described as terrorist infrastructure, including tunnels. In response to the escalation, the military stated that approximately 30 terror targets were struck within Gaza over the past day alone.

    Despite recent statements suggesting a potential de-escalation from Israeli authorities, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, clashes have persisted for nearly nine months since Hamas initiated hostilities with an attack on southern Israel last October. Efforts towards a ceasefire and hostage release deal have yielded little progress, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where approximately 2.4 million people are facing dire conditions exacerbated by a prolonged Israeli blockade.

    International bodies, including the United Nations and relief agencies, have raised alarms over the worsening humanitarian situation and the potential for mass starvation among Gaza’s civilian population. The conflict has taken a heavy toll, with Israeli figures indicating over 1,195 Palestinian deaths, predominantly civilians, since October, alongside widespread destruction of infrastructure and severe humanitarian suffering.

    In response to Israeli military actions, criticism has been leveled against the targeting of civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, which Israeli authorities allege are being used as covers for militant operations. Meanwhile, voices both within Israel and internationally have called for renewed efforts towards peace, amidst ongoing cycles of violence that have plagued the region.

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