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    “Israeli Officer Killed in Massive Hezbollah Rocket Attack Amid Escalating Border Conflict”


    "Israeli Officer Killed in Massive Hezbollah Rocket Attack Amid Escalating Border Conflict"

    In a significant escalation of cross-border violence, an Israeli army officer was killed on Thursday during a massive Hezbollah rocket attack on northern Israel. The attack was launched in retaliation for Israel’s recent targeted killing of senior Hezbollah military leader Mohammad Naameh Nasser in Tyre, southwestern Lebanon.

    The fallen officer, identified as Itay Galea, 38, served as a deputy company commander in the 8679th Unit of the Israeli army’s 679th Armored Brigade. According to a press statement from the Israeli military, Galea was killed when a rocket struck the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights. Xinhua news agency reported that Galea, a reservist officer, had previously fought in the Gaza Strip and was recently deployed to northern Israel in preparation for a potential full-scale war with Hezbollah.

    The attack that claimed Galea’s life was part of a broader offensive by Hezbollah, which launched approximately 200 rockets, missiles, and drones towards northern Israel. This aggressive response was a direct retaliation for the targeted killing of Nasser, a high-ranking Hezbollah military leader.

    Galea’s death marks the 18th fatality among Israeli troops due to Hezbollah attacks since the onset of the latest wave of cross-border fighting. The violence erupted in early October last year, significantly escalating tensions along the Lebanon-Israel border. The situation intensified further on October 8, 2023, when Hezbollah launched a barrage of rockets towards Israel in solidarity with an attack by its ally, Hamas, the previous day.

    As hostilities continue, both sides are bracing for further escalation. The Israeli military remains on high alert, with additional troops deployed to the northern border to counter the persistent threat from Hezbollah. The ongoing conflict underscores the volatile and fragile nature of the Lebanon-Israel border region, where any single incident can rapidly spiral into broader violence.

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