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    Larry the Cat ‘Claims’ He is ‘In Charge’ of 10 Downing Street as Keir Starmer Awaits PM Oath


    Larry the Cat ‘Claims’ He is ‘In Charge’ of 10 Downing Street as Keir Starmer Awaits PM Oath

    Larry the Cat, the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, humorously asserted his control over 10 Downing Street amid Rishi Sunak’s resignation and Keir Starmer’s pending appointment as the new Prime Minister of the UK.

    “So who’s in charge? Me,” Larry the Cat “said” in a post on X (formerly Twitter), accompanied by a picture of himself. This declaration came as Rishi Sunak tendered his resignation to King Charles III after his Conservative Party failed to secure a majority in the recent general election, winning only 120 seats in the 650-member House of Commons.

    In contrast, Keir Starmer’s Labour Party achieved a significant victory with 412 seats, surpassing the majority mark of 326. Following the election results, Sunak resigned, and Starmer is expected to meet with the King to seek approval to form the new government.

    Rishi Sunak’s Farewell Message

    In his final message as Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak posted on Instagram, “I have given this job my all. But you have sent a clear message, and yours is the only judgement that matters.” He expressed his honor in serving as Prime Minister and shared a photo with his wife, Akshata Murty. Buckingham Palace confirmed Sunak’s resignation in a statement, acknowledging his service.

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