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    Leap Day Miracles: US Woman Gives Birth to Baby on Same Rare Day as Her Own Birth


    Leap Day Miracles: US Woman Gives Birth to Baby on Same Rare Day as Her Own Birth

    In a remarkable twist of fate, a North Carolina doctor, Dr. Kai Sun, welcomed a truly special delivery on Thursday: her daughter, Chloe, arrived on the same rare day that Dr. Sun herself was born – Leap Day.

    Dr. Sun, an assistant professor and rheumatologist at Duke Health, and her husband, Michael Paik, celebrated the birth of their third child at 5:12 am on February 29th. Despite being three days past her due date of February 26th, Chloe made a grand entrance on a truly unique day, weighing in at 6 pounds and 13 ounces.

    Reflecting on the extraordinary coincidence, Dr. Sun expressed her astonishment, stating, “My husband and I were just saying how cool it would be if she were born on the same day as my birthday. And somehow, it happened.”

    Speaking to “Good Morning America” from her hospital bed at Duke University Hospital, where she also practices, Dr. Sun shared that both she and her daughter are “doing well.” Although Chloe initially had rapid breathing upon birth and was briefly taken to the nursery for assessment by a pediatrician, she was given a clean bill of health and is now peacefully sleeping.

    This Leap Day birth holds even deeper significance for the family as Chloe is also a rainbow baby, a term used to describe a child born after a miscarriage or infant loss. Dr. Sun revealed the emotional journey the couple had been through, stating, “We had a miscarriage almost exactly a year ago, and so that makes her more special.”

    Despite facing some challenges during her pregnancy, including an abnormal finding on an initial ultrasound and contracting COVID-19, Dr. Sun expressed gratitude that everything ultimately turned out well.

    The remarkable confluence of events surrounding Chloe’s birth serves as a testament to the resilience and joy that can emerge from adversity. As the Sun family celebrates the arrival of their Leap Day miracle, they are reminded of the preciousness of life and the profound sense of hope and renewal that accompanies new beginnings.

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