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    Rishi Sunak Issues Urgent Plea to Safeguard British Democracy


    Rishi Sunak Issues Urgent Plea to Safeguard British Democracy

    British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has delivered a passionate appeal for the preservation of democracy in the UK, warning against the rising threat of extremist elements seeking to dismantle the nation’s core values and unity.

    In a poignant speech outside 10 Downing Street, Sunak, drawing from his Hindu beliefs, emphasized the inclusive nature of British society, which embraces migrants of all faiths and backgrounds. He urged demonstrators to ensure that peaceful protests are not manipulated by extremist factions.

    Highlighting the invaluable contributions of immigrants to the country’s narrative, Sunak underscored the importance of maintaining one’s identity while integrating into British society. He lamented the deliberate efforts to undermine the UK’s status as a successful multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracy, cautioning against forces seeking to sow division within the nation.

    Sunak’s address comes in the wake of what he described as a “beyond alarming” victory in a bye-election, where controversial figure George Galloway secured a win in Greater Manchester. The campaign leading up to the election was overshadowed by the Israel-Hamas conflict, highlighting existing divisions within British society.

    Expressing concern over recent instances of street violence orchestrated by fringe groups hostile to British values, Sunak condemned both Islamist extremists and the far-right, labeling them as two sides of the same extremist coin. He stressed the need to confront and combat the poison of extremism that threatens to erode the country’s confidence and unity.

    As the UK’s first non-white Prime Minister, Sunak reiterated his commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity within the government. He reaffirmed support for a newly established protocol with law enforcement agencies to address threats against Members of Parliament and violence during protests related to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

    In closing, Sunak called upon citizens of all backgrounds to unite against divisive forces and uphold the principles of democracy and tolerance. He denounced violence and intimidation, declaring them antithetical to British values, and urged collective action to confront and defeat extremism.

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