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    Maharish A Rajha: Youngest Indian Entrepreneur Honored for Pioneering Resilience in Transforming Tourism Dynamics


    Maharish A Rajha: Youngest Indian Entrepreneur Honored for Pioneering Resilience in Transforming Tourism Dynamics

    Visionary Leader Rewrites the Tourism Narrative Through Innovative Strategies and Sustainable Practices

    In a groundbreaking achievement, Mr. Maharish A Rajha, an enterprising MBA graduate specializing in Tourism & Hospitality, has been bestowed with the prestigious Entrepreneurial Resilience Award, securing his position as the youngest Indian luminary to receive this esteemed recognition.

    A Journey of Vision and Leadership:
    Maharish’s entrepreneurial odyssey stands as a testament to foresight, unwavering resilience, and a trailblazing approach. As a seasoned traveler, astute investor, and mentor, he has redefined the tourism industry paradigm. Owning and managing an array of properties including farmhouses, hotels, water sports, and boats, his distinctive ownership model prioritizes cost-efficiency over conventional profit-centric structures.

    Tripy’s Trips: The Vision Materialized:
    Maharish’s, Tripy’s Trips has evolved into a tourism powerhouse boasting three Destination Management Companies—Dubai Calling, Goa Calling, and Thailand Calling—delivering services across nine countries. Beyond being a leader, Maharish fosters a culture that values and acknowledges the contributions of his team, turning Tripy’s Trips into a collaborative success story.

    Navigating Challenges with Strategic Brilliance:
    The unparalleled challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic showcased his strategic brilliance. The swift decision to venture into the delivery business in Dubai, a recommendation by Mr. Solomon Rajesh, underscored the group’s adaptability, ensuring Tripy’s Trips’ sustainability in turbulent times.

    Holistic Tourism Services and Exceptional Ground Support:
    Tripy’s Trips, extends its offerings beyond traditional tourism services. Ventures into camera rental, adventure activities, Instagram tours, and delivery services diversify the company’s portfolio. The extended ground support, notably Mr. Prabhu Srinivasan’s role, coupled with local management by Mr. Stephen Marsh in Goa and Mr. Sundeep Singh Narang in Thailand, significantly contributed to the group’s resounding success.

    Innovation Unleashed:
    Tripy’s Trips is set to elevate its services with a re-entry strategy, promising weekly offers with unparalleled quality and cost-effectiveness. The launch of “Travel With Maharish,” a non-commercial backpacking service, epitomizes his commitment to delivering unique, cost-efficient travel experiences that emphasize shared adventures and sustainable exploration.

    Celebrating Entrepreneurial Resilience:
    With immense pride, we present the Entrepreneurial Resilience Award to Mr. Maharish A Rajha, recognizing his extraordinary ability to navigate Tripy’s Trips successfully through challenging market landscapes, showcasing innovation, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism.

    For deeper insights into Maharish’s journey and travel adventures, follow him on Instagram (

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