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    “PIA Air Hostess Disappears in Canada After Leaving ‘Thank You’ Note”


    Pakistan Airlines Air Hostess Vanishes in Canada, Leaving Thank You Note: Trend of Disappearances Raises Concerns

    In a perplexing turn of events, a flight attendant from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has gone missing after arriving in Canada, leaving behind a note expressing gratitude to the airline. The incident, reported by Pakistani news agency Dawn, sheds light on a concerning trend of PIA staffers mysteriously vanishing upon landing in Canada.

    The air hostess, identified as Maryam Raza, reportedly flew to Toronto on PIA flight PK-782 from Islamabad on Monday. However, upon arrival in Canada, she failed to report for duty on the return flight to Karachi, PK-784. Ms. Raza’s sudden disappearance marks the latest in a series of similar incidents involving PIA crew members in recent years.

    According to Dawn, Ms. Raza, who has been with PIA for 15 years, was assigned to the flight from Islamabad to Toronto. However, upon entering her hotel room in Canada, authorities discovered her PIA uniform alongside a note expressing gratitude to the airline with the words “Thank You, PIA.”

    This alarming trend is not isolated, as another PIA flight crew member, Fazia Mukhtar, went missing in a similar manner just last month. Like Ms. Raza, Ms. Mukhtar vanished after arriving in Canada, failing to board her scheduled return flight to Karachi.

    Officials attribute this concerning trend to the accommodating nature of Canadian law, which allows for asylum applications after entry into the country. The phenomenon of Pakistani flight attendants disappearing upon landing in Canada reportedly began in 2019, with at least seven PIA cabin crew members going missing last year alone.

    In response to these incidents, PIA management has been coordinating with Canadian authorities to address the issue and prevent future occurrences. Despite these efforts, the trend persists, with some former crew members who vanished years ago now settled in Canada and allegedly advising others contemplating asylum.

    The mysterious disappearances of PIA flight attendants underscore the complexities surrounding immigration and asylum-seeking processes, raising questions about airline security protocols and the challenges faced by individuals seeking refuge in foreign countries. As authorities continue to investigate Ms. Raza’s disappearance, concerns mount over the safety and well-being of airline personnel embarking on international flights.

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