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    Man Dies After Setting Himself on Fire Near Trump Trial Courthouse


    Man Dies After Setting Himself on Fire Near Trump Trial Courthouse

    In a shocking turn of events outside the New York courthouse where Donald Trump’s hush-money trial is underway, a man set himself on fire and subsequently died, according to reports from NBC News and other U.S. media. The incident occurred as jury selection concluded for the historic trial, marking the first criminal trial of a former U.S. president.

    The man, identified as Max Azzarello from St. Augustine, Florida, was in his late 30s and was initially reported to be in critical condition before succumbing to his injuries. Witnesses described how he pulled pamphlets out of a backpack, threw them in the air, and then doused himself with a liquid before igniting the flames. While some of the pamphlets referenced “evil billionaires,” there were no direct mentions of Trump in the visible portions.

    Authorities, including the New York Police Department, stated that there was no evidence to suggest that the man was targeting Trump or anyone else involved in the trial. Deputy Commissioner Tarik Sheppard labeled the man as a “conspiracy theorist,” referencing an online manifesto where a person using the same name as the deceased spoke of setting themselves on fire and criticized various aspects of society, including cryptocurrency and U.S. politicians.

    The courthouse, heavily guarded by police, had seen protests and gatherings since the trial’s commencement. With jury selection completed, prosecutors and defense attorneys are preparing for opening statements. The trial focuses on allegations that Trump concealed a $130,000 payment made to porn star Stormy Daniels by his then-lawyer Michael Cohen before the 2016 election.

    Trump, who has pleaded not guilty to charges of falsifying business records in this case and others, is expected to face intense scrutiny as the trial progresses, with the possibility of testifying on his own behalf.

    The jury, composed of seven men and five women from diverse professional backgrounds, along with six alternates, will weigh the evidence in this landmark trial, which carries significant implications for the upcoming election cycle.

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