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    Meet Adarsh Patel – A 21 year oldentrepreneur and founder of ‘Estetico ‘ thriving inthe cosmetic industry


    Adarsh Patel is a 21 year old entrepreneur based in Ahmedabad.
    He is the founder of ‘Estetico’. He likes to contribute to the society in his
    own unique way. His company is based in Ahmedabad and is a part of
    the cosmetic market. His products aim to enhance the hair and skin
    quality of the users through its choice of exclusive ingredients.
    Nowadays people have a lot of work outdoors and they are on the
    go constantly. India has a hot and sunny climate throughout the whole
    year which takes a toll on our skin. Pollution plays a major role in
    deteriorating our skin quality. His products help in combating this
    damage and improve the overall quality of the skin.
    Adarsh patel is not new to the cosmetic industry. He has worked
    with a cosmetic company for a year. He has worked in the manufacturing
    facility of big brands like Mama Earth and Tan care. This motivated him
    to launch his own line of body products. Body wash helps in cleansing,
    body scrub helps in exfoliating and body lotion helps in moisturising the
    Right now the USP of their product is that the active ingredient they
    have is liquorice extract . Its Japanese scent is encrusted and it mixes
    easily with any ingredient. Versatility is achieved through the use of
    liquorice extract.

    They believe that these products omit the need for any kind of external
    fragrance like perfume or deo. Sweating does not affect the fresh whiff
    of these products. Their products’ fragrance gives you the feeling of
    being on cloud nine.

    Estetico strives to provide you with a supreme range of body care
    products which helps to rediscover your natural skin. The products also
    offer a scintillating and long-lasting fragrance to keep you fresh. This
    brand prevents sun damage, brightens skin, fades scars, treats wrinkles,
    has anti oxidants, and reduces skin damage.
    Keep your body refreshing and stress-free with the captivating
    natural body wash. Liquorice & lemon extract gives glowing effect to the
    skin, removes dirt & dust from the skin surface and keeps the skin
    Be shiny and elegant with the best walnut scrub. Liquorice & lemon
    extract gives anti-ageing effect to the skin, provides a remarkable
    exfoliating effect and contributes to provide a smoother skin.
    Taking care of your body is a luxury everyone deserves. Liquorice &
    lemon extract prevents and treats dry, rough and itchy skin. Cocoa butter
    gives a nourishing effect to the skin and keeps the moisture on the skin

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