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    North Korean Troops Cross Border, Injured in Landmine Blasts


    North Korean Soldiers Cross Border, Triggering Landmine Explosions and Injuries

    Dozens of North Korean soldiers made a brief crossing over the heavily fortified border into South Korea on Tuesday, resulting in landmine explosions that injured several North Korean troops, Seoul’s military reported. This incident marks the second such occurrence in two weeks and is believed to be accidental, similar to the previous incident on June 9.

    The demilitarized zone and line of control dividing the Korean peninsula remain highly volatile, with landmines posing a significant danger in the area. Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff stated that North Korean soldiers were injured when a landmine exploded near the border, although the exact date of this incident was not disclosed.

    According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, North Korean soldiers were engaged in activities to create barren land and lay mines along the border. However, they ended up sustaining injuries due to repeated landmine explosions during their work. Despite these incidents, North Korea’s military appears to be continuing these operations, reinforcing tactical roads, and adding anti-tank barriers.

    The recent surge in North Korean military activity along the border is seen as an effort to strengthen internal control and prevent defections to South Korea. The situation has escalated tensions between the two Koreas, with South Korea suspending a tension-reducing military deal and restarting loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts along the border in response to North Korea’s actions.

    As the situation unfolds, experts suggest that unfamiliarity with minefields and disorderly actions may have contributed to these mine-related accidents. The incident coincides with North Korea preparing to receive Russian President Vladimir Putin for a state visit, highlighting the complex dynamics at play in the region.

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