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    Biden Introduces New Regulations to Simplify Immigration Process for US Citizens’ Spouses


    Biden Administration Unveils New Rules to Simplify Immigration for Spouses of US Citizens

    The Biden administration is set to introduce new rules aimed at easing the process for undocumented spouses of US citizens to obtain permanent residency status. These changes, scheduled to be unveiled by President Joe Biden on Tuesday, will streamline the application process for eligible individuals without expanding the criteria for permanent residency.

    The primary focus of these rules is to eliminate the requirement for spouses to leave the country during the application process. This initiative is expected to benefit approximately 500,000 individuals who have been in the US for at least 10 years and were married to a US citizen before June 17, 2024. Additionally, around 50,000 stepchildren of US citizens would also become eligible under these new guidelines.

    If approved, applicants will receive work authorization and the right to stay in the US for up to three years while they pursue permanent residency. This residency, commonly known as a green card, could potentially pave the way for citizenship applications in the future.

    While these changes signify a step towards a more efficient immigration system, officials emphasize that comprehensive immigration reform remains a task for Congress. Previous bipartisan efforts led by Biden faced challenges, highlighting the need for legislative action to address broader immigration issues.

    In addition to the spouse immigration changes, the administration plans to simplify work visa processes for Dreamers who have graduated college and received high-skilled job offers. These initiatives reflect the administration’s approach to balancing immigration policies that address national priorities while upholding fairness and efficiency.

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