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    “Over 21 Jammu and Kashmir Leaders Rejoin Congress Following Article 370 Controversy”


    In a significant political development, over 21 leaders from Jammu and Kashmir, many of them formerly associated with Ghulam Nabi Azad’s Democratic Progressive Azad Party, have returned to the Congress fold. The rejoining ceremony took place in the presence of Congress party chief Mallikarjun Kharge on Monday, shedding light on the ongoing shifts in the political landscape of the region.

    The event witnessed the formal re-entry of these leaders into the Congress party, with senior figures such as Congress president Kharge, AICC general secretary in-charge of organization K C Venugopal, AICC in-charge of the state Rajani Patil, and Jammu and Kashmir Congress chief Vikar Rasool Wani being present.

    One of the notable entrants was Yashpal Kundal, a former Minister and a two-time legislator from Panthers Party, who also held the position of Chief of the SC/ST and OBC Department of AAP in Jammu and Kashmir. Haji Abdul Rashid Dar, a former vice president of JKPCC who had subsequently joined Azad’s party, also returned to the Congress fold, signaling a reconsolidation of political allegiances.

    This move follows controversial remarks made by Ghulam Nabi Azad regarding Article 370, which garnered significant attention. The Congress party responded by both welcoming the returning leaders and criticizing Azad’s statements. “Mr. GNA himself gives new evidence of his DNA mutation by saying ‘those opposing Article 370 abrogation ignorant of the situation on the ground’,” commented Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh. Ramesh further highlighted Azad’s past stance, stating, “This from a man who led the charge against the abrogation in the Rajya Sabha on Aug 5, 2019! I suppose he needs to justify the very generous extension given to him to continue staying in his sprawling bungalow in New Delhi, long after he has exited Parliament.”

    The returning leaders encompass a diverse range of backgrounds and affiliations, including Yashpal Kundal, Haji Abdul Rashid Dar, Naresh K Gupta (DPAP), Sham Lal Bhagat (DPAP), Namrata Sharma (Apni Party), Saima Jan (DPAP), and others. The reintegration of several leaders who had previously left the Congress to join Azad’s party underscores the shifting dynamics within the regional political arena.

    As these leaders make their way back to the Congress fold, the move emphasizes the ever-evolving nature of political alliances and allegiances, marking a significant chapter in the unfolding narrative of Jammu and Kashmir’s political landscape.

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