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    “PM Modi Calls for Global AI Regulations Amid G20 Summit Talks”


    PM Modi Urges Global Action on AI Safety and Deepfake Concerns at G20 Summit

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address at the virtual G20 Summit, reiterated concerns regarding the negative implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the rising threat of deepfake technology, emphasizing the need for global collaboration to regulate AI for societal safety.

    India, as the current president of the G20, hosted the virtual summit, marking a pivotal moment to discuss pressing global issues. PM Modi highlighted the urgency of understanding and addressing the potential dangers posed by deepfake technology, stressing its societal and individual repercussions.

    “The world is worried about the negative effects of AI. India thinks that we have to work together on the global regulations for AI. Understanding how dangerous deepfake is for society and individuals, we need to work forward. We want AI should reach the people, it must be safe for society,” stated PM Modi during the summit.

    The prime minister emphasized India’s stance on the necessity of international cooperation to establish comprehensive regulations governing the use of AI. He underlined the growing apprehensions worldwide regarding the adverse exploitation of AI technologies.

    PM Modi’s address encapsulated several key points on AI and deepfakes, accentuating the imperative nature of safeguarding AI’s deployment for the well-being of societies globally.

    Moreover, during the closing session, PM Modi proposed a further gathering towards the end of India’s G20 presidency to evaluate the advancements and discussions held during the summit.

    In another significant statement, PM Modi expressed optimism following the news of the release of hostages held in Gaza. India welcomed the development, emphasizing the hope for the swift release of all remaining hostages. Israel’s temporary ceasefire with Hamas, aimed at facilitating the release of hostages captured during the conflict, marks a pivotal step toward easing tensions in the region.

    India’s G20 Presidency, set to conclude on November 30, continues to address critical global issues, underscoring the nation’s commitment to fostering international collaboration and addressing pressing concerns.

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