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    “Russia and France Applaud Israel-Hamas Ceasefire, Call for Peaceful Resolution”


    Russia and France Laud Israel-Hamas Ceasefire as Vital Step Towards Peace

    Russia and France have welcomed the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, describing it as a pivotal moment after weeks of intense conflict. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov hailed the ceasefire as a long-awaited positive development in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

    “The ceasefire marks the first good news in a long time,” Peskov stated. He emphasized the crucial role of humanitarian pauses, affirming they are fundamental in paving the way for a sustainable resolution. The pause in hostilities, agreed upon by Israel and Hamas for at least four days, aims to facilitate aid deliveries in Gaza and secure the release of hostages and prisoners.

    Peskov highlighted Russia’s persistent call, along with many other nations globally, for a ceasefire and humanitarian reprieve. He underlined the significance of these respites as foundational elements for fostering future endeavors towards a lasting settlement.

    French President Emmanuel Macron also voiced support for the Israel-Hamas agreement, asserting ongoing efforts to secure the release of hostages. “We are committed to tirelessly pursuing the liberation of all hostages,” Macron affirmed.

    The accord involves the liberation of at least 50 hostages, alongside numerous Palestinian detainees, in exchange for Palestinian women and children held in Israeli prisons. This agreement marks a significant diplomatic breakthrough in the conflict, mediated through discussions facilitated by Qatar.

    The truce not only permits the release of captives but also initiates a four-day humanitarian pause in Gaza. This break in hostilities signifies a crucial opportunity to provide vital resources, including food, medicine, and fuel, to the beleaguered 2.4 million residents of Gaza.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while acknowledging the difficulty of the decision, affirmed its necessity, stating, “It’s a difficult decision, but the right one.”

    Qatar has committed to announce the commencement of the four-day humanitarian pause in Gaza. The Qatari Foreign Ministry assured that the pause’s initiation would be declared within the next 24 hours and would extend for four days, with the possibility of further extension.

    This ceasefire, coupled with the exchange of prisoners and humanitarian aid, stands as a significant step forward in alleviating the prolonged conflict’s immediate impact on the civilians trapped in the region.

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