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    Prayas Deshmukh, A Chef turned Marketer, a Young Entrepreneur Who Understands the Need of the Digital Period


    Prayas Deshmukh

    Gone are those days when you pick one stream of business line and keep walking down that aisle. Today our up and coming entrepreneurs understand the significance of reaching out in countless directions to explore every opportunity that this ever-evolving world brings. Prayas Deshmukh a young and ambitious man who has been fortunate enough to have had a successful career in the hotel industry. He has worked in hotels like Sayaji Hotels, Oberois Hotels, and JW Marriott. His work ethic and dedication to his work have helped him take good fly-in hospitality.

    With many awards and contribution into hotels that he worked for, he was always looking to explore and work even harder and thus he got an opportunity to become a member in recruitment team for Hotel Operational Trainee/Management Training for recruitment drive in several hospitality institutes includes IHM, IIHM. He extended his gratitude to his mentors Mr Manohar Nimbhore & Mr Sharad Nautiyal whose support and learnings made him learn professionalism, productivity, organisational wellness, teamwork, leadership, communication, self-assessment, Diversities & Inclusion for organisational growth and many more by which today he able to upscale his business in a short span of time.

    The pandemic has turned the world upside down and businesses have been one of the sectors facing the brunt of the lockdown. Through it all, digital marketing is one field that has seen a tremendous increase with both businesses and the audience taking note of its potential. However, during the lockdown, Prayas started blogging in his free time at and started featuring recipes around the globe and doing marketing with the help of the Instagram account @foodindulgeofficial. In less than 1 month he started taking paid features which stimulus an entrepreneurial spirit in him, and he felt like there was something missing from his 4.2 years of experience. During this journey, he asked himself why he wanted to become a chef. Within a second, he got his answer – He loved food and that’s why he wants to become a chef. That he found just not to be enough. Now with a clear vision, he wanted to be able to be his own boss, have more control over his future, and do something that would make him feel happier with a global opportunity.

    Passing by a trusting moment with Saurav Jain masterclass he enrolled in Instagram Influence Mastery and started brushing his skills on Instagram and also simultaneously learning other social media channels with a hustling He gets his first client from Instagram and he eventually decided that it was time for him to make a change in his life, so he quit his job and became a freelancer thus he made his way up month on month and has served more than 100+ clients with digital marketing services. He also thanks to Gaurav Gurbaxani who helped him understand the business development strategies & growth strategies which helped only him but also his clients.

    He also shares his 2 monthly Strategy to Start a Social Media Marketing Business

    Understand One Social Media Platform I.e. Instagram

    1. Learn how to make appealing graphics. (Use Canva to start with Basics)
    2. Learn content writing.
    3. Learn how to use hashtags.
    4. Learn to make 2 Social Media Calendar.
    5. Implement In your own profile.
    6. Compose all the insights in one place.
    7. Pitch to Small business owner.
    8. Work free for 1 month for a client
    9. Make a proposal & start charging it to the client.

    In the times of global pandemic. Where on one side most of the businesses are undergoing huge losses, the digital marketing industry has boomed. The need for Digital Marketing is realized now more than ever. While it could be difficult to keep up with the dynamic nature of digital marketing, Prayas Deshmukh shows interest in Digital Marketing who is agile, alert, smart, and believes in tailoring to changes.

    He never stops here, he is a learning entrepreneur who loves to refine business opportunities for people and contribute back to society. His vision is to grow together & make unlimited earning sources for people. He never allows to quit on Food Indulge & then work on an ed-tech platform which focuses on providing skillset and mind-set workshops and courses for people to take the next step. And working on an influencer marketing community called www. (India’s First Subscriptions Based Influencer Marketing Community)

    This young entrepreneur does not believe in stopping even during the pandemic situation and is definitely setting an example with his Learning skills. He believes in taking advantage of every opportunity that showcases itself, to thrive, prosper in this field. He is among the most rising entrepreneurs in India and takes responsibility for his own success.

    As a growing digital marketer, Prayas Deshmukh is constantly increasing his skills and knowledge and has also taken an initiative to pass his knowledge and expertise by starting an Social Media Marketing course for people to upskill themselves in these difficult times. In near future, you can see him as a digital coach, Influencer and inspiring people to taste the success of digital products. His words to other freelancers and early business owners Prayas says “You will never be old to explore a new opportunity and make the best out of it”

     He is also looking for co-founders who are willing to invest their 100% in the start-ups. Undoubtedly, Prayas Deshmukh is the most phenomenal talent and one of the most influential people in this sector. In times like these, it is important for people to follow the approach of this young digital entrepreneur and excel in their fields.

    Connect with him to know more about his journey:-


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