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    Renu Kadyan, President of Bhagat Singh Foundation, a truly inspiration for the womens


    It is always wonderful to know and learn about all those people who make sure to put their best foot forward when it comes to doing the better for the people of our country. Some are only talkers, while some others are action-takers and making her mark in the latter category effortlessly is Renu Kadyan, a woman who exudes passion, commitment and determination, in her quest to work for our country and its development. She has been performing her duties as a President & a Social Worker, scenario beautifully and has been making a great change in society, with the great intent to transform people’s lives for the better.

    Renu Kadyan’s Journey from a middle class family to being Bhagat Singh Foundation President: India has always been a country of different cultures, often labelled as a combination of several cultures, has been influenced by a history that is several millennia old, beginning with the Indus Valley Civilization and other early cultural areas. Many elements of Indian culture, such as India religions, mathematics, philosophy, cuisine, languages, dance, music and movies have had a profound impact across the Indosphere, Greater India and the world Personalities like Renu Kadyan, who is the president of Bhagat Singh Foundation inspires and motivates the youngsters to take up their dream more strongly and with more determination. However, one should not forget that she has faced a lot of hurdles and overcame them successfully to reach where she is at the moment.

    One act of kindness can leave a huge impact on the world. If you help someone today, they will be encouraged to help someone else and the chain goes on. Won’t it be a beautiful place to live? A world where people are kind, helpful and polite towards each other? Well, that’s what Renu Kadyan has been working on for the past many years.

    Renu Kadyan, a name that’s known for always being at the forefront while helping others has set a great example to everyone. She has been doing social work without expecting anything in return

    Belonging to a middle-class family of Panipat village, district of Haryana, she completed her schooling in the Government Senior Secondary School of the village itself. Being able to rebound when life throws up major obstacles is nothing new for her, as with the strong preservance & determination, got enrolled & completed her bachelor’s degree in one of the reputed universities of Delhi (DU). Soon, after her graduation, she started looking for the job along with her masters in Stock-Breaking. A major breakthrough point came in her life, when she got hired in one of the corporates of Singapore. Her journey is unstoppable after that, as she became the Director: Public Relations of Sattvik Council of India & serving currently too. 10 years of successful corporate career in PR and finances, being familiar with the problems associated with the village, concerned about the future of the youth and strong intentions to take them along for a better future, she has been appointed the National

    President of Bhagat Singh Foundation in August 2021. Since then, She has organizing and continuously working on various successful programs like “Youth Prerna” that has been built on the purpose to the help & guide the people, making them aware about the responsibilities so that together we can built a better future for all of us.

    Renu Kadyan insists that more kindness is what people need today around the world. For that, people must always work towards becoming better versions of themselves and try and develop empathy in them to understand others more. Having this attitude can take them to places, and not just that, it will also help them become a beacon of light to many others in the world.

    About dedicating her life to help others, Renu Kadyan says, ‘When you are blessed with more than enough, you should learn to share. I was blessed with best parents who taught me well and made me capable enough that I can get a good job. It pains me to see not everyone is able to live a decent life. I will keep helping others till my last breath. I hope more and more people do charity work like this. Change takes a lot of time, especially when it comes to changing yourself to be selfless entirely. But if one is consistent, the world will definitely be a content place for everyone.’

    Even after achieving so much with her immigration firm, Renu Kadyan has not forgotten her roots and aims to work more and more for people in need with her social work. Truly, this youngster is an inspiration for the world.

    Connect with Renu Kadyan to know more about her journey:-

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