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    “Putin Asserts Futility of Western Efforts to Alienate India”


    "Putin Warns West: Efforts to Drive a Wedge Between Russia and India Are Futile"

    In a resolute statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin has affirmed that any efforts by Western nations to sow discord between Russia and India are fruitless. Speaking at a keynote address in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, Putin praised India’s independent decision-making and emphasized the strength of its leadership under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    As Western nations have imposed sanctions on Russia, including restrictions on Russian oil, Indian refiners have faced criticism for continuing to purchase discounted Russian oil. In response to these concerns, Putin stated, “The West is trying to create an enemy out of everyone who does not agree with their monopoly, everyone is at risk – even India, but the Indian leadership is acting independently in the interests of its nation.”

    He further added, “Attempts to turn India away from Russia are pointless; India is an independent state.” Putin’s remarks highlight the long-standing diplomatic ties between Russia and India and the mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty.

    Putin’s praise for India extended to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as he commended India’s remarkable growth and development under Modi’s leadership. He noted India’s substantial population of over 1.5 billion people and its robust economic growth of more than 7 percent, characterizing it as a “powerful and mighty country.”

    Furthermore, Putin acknowledged India’s global presence, emphasizing that like Russia, India’s citizens are making significant contributions across the world.

    Putin’s recent absence from international summits, including the BRICS gathering in South Africa and the G20 Summit in New Delhi, was also addressed during his speech. Putin clarified that his decision to skip these meetings was to avoid causing a “political show” and any potential disruptions for his host nations.

    Notably, the Russian leader is currently the subject of an International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant over his actions in Ukraine. South Africa, as an ICC member, would be expected to implement the arrest warrant if Putin were to enter the country. Putin’s decision to abstain from attending these summits appears to be a strategic move to prevent diplomatic tensions.

    The ICC issued the arrest warrant in March, citing Putin’s decision to send troops to Ukraine and the illegal deportation of children to Russia as the basis for the warrant. Moscow has consistently dismissed the warrant as “illegal.”

    Putin’s statement reaffirms Russia’s commitment to its global partnerships, including its longstanding and significant relationship with India, as the two nations continue to navigate complex geopolitical dynamics.

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