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    “Rabies Confirmed in Stray Dog After Biting 29 Individuals in Chennai”


    "Rabid Stray Dog That Bit 29 People in Chennai Triggers Health Measures"

    A distressing incident unfolded in Chennai as a stray dog, involved in biting 29 individuals, was discovered to be rabid after succumbing to a fatal outcome, triggering heightened health vigilance in the region. The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) swiftly initiated measures to monitor the affected residents and intensify efforts regarding the stray dog population, primarily in the locality of Royapuram.

    J Radhakrishnan, the GGC commissioner, confirmed the concerning diagnosis, stating, “The post mortem has revealed that the dog which bit people has rabies.” As a veterinarian by training, Radhakrishnan spearheads the ongoing efforts. In response, the GCC initiated a concerted effort by apprehending 31 dogs from the locality, directing them to the animal birth control center for observation and necessary measures.

    The 31 dogs are currently under close surveillance, subject to behavioral assessments. Those displaying changes will undergo anti-rabies vaccination and sterilization before being released. Chennai, like many metropolitan areas, grapples with a substantial population of stray dogs, prompting ongoing initiatives.

    The GCC emphasized, “A special dog raid and ARV vaccination for stray dogs is happening across Chennai,” highlighting their proactive measures to contain potential risks.

    This year alone, the corporation reported the capture of over 17,000 stray dogs, with more than 13,000 undergoing surgeries at the Animal Birth Control center, underscoring the scale of efforts aimed at managing the stray dog population.

    The unfortunate incident transpired on a bustling Royapuram street earlier this week when a stray dog unexpectedly attacked pedestrians, inflicting bites on 29 individuals. Prompt response from locals ensued in subduing the dog, leading to its transfer to the Madras Veterinary College for post-mortem examination.

    The injured individuals received medical attention at the government Stanley Medical College, receiving anti-rabies immunoglobulin medication and the essential anti-rabies vaccine, especially crucial for category 3 injuries where dog saliva entered the bloodstream.

    In light of this concerning event, the GCC strategizes to collaborate with NGOs to conduct a comprehensive census of the city’s stray dog population, aiming to implement large-scale sterilization initiatives for effective management and public safety.

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