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    “Report: 150-Year-Old Mari Mata Temple Demolished in Karachi”


    150-Year-Old Hindu Temple Demolished in Karachi, Pakistan

    Karachi, Pakistan – In a deeply distressing incident, the Hindu community in Karachi woke up to the news that their sacred shrine, the 150-year-old Mari Mata Temple, located in Soldier Bazaar, had been demolished. According to reports from Dawn, a local English-language newspaper, the operation took place late Friday night when the area experienced a power outage, providing cover for the arrival of diggers and bulldozers.

    Eyewitnesses claim that the inside structure of the temple was razed while the outer walls and main gate remained intact. Shockingly, residents reported the presence of a police vehicle at the scene, seemingly offering protection to those operating the machinery.

    The Mari Mata Temple, situated on Mukhi Chohitram Road in close proximity to the Soldier Bazaar police station, holds great historical and cultural significance. Shri Ram Nath Mishra Maharaj of Shri Panch Mukhi Hanuman Mandir, another neighboring temple, described it as a venerable establishment that had stood for over 150 years. He also mentioned rumors of buried treasures within its courtyard, adding that the temple covered an area of approximately 400 to 500 square yards.

    According to reports, there had been concerns about the temple’s structural integrity, prompting the Madarsi Hindu community of Karachi, who managed the temple, to temporarily relocate most of the deities to a small room near a stormwater drain. However, on the fateful night, the entire Mari Mata Temple was tragically flattened.

    Members of the Madrasi Hindu group alleged that they were being coerced by two individuals, Imran Hashmi and Rekha (also known as Nagin Bai), who were reportedly involved in the sale of the temple for a sum of PKR 70 million. It was further claimed that the buyers intended to construct a commercial structure on the site. Additionally, suspicions arose regarding forged documents linked to an individual named Navaid, which facilitated the transformation of the temple’s lease from an amenity plot to a commercial one.

    In response to the incident, the affected community has urgently requested intervention from the Pakistan-Hindu Council, Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, and the Inspector General of Sindh Police, urging an immediate investigation into the matter.

    The demolition of the Mari Mata Temple has raised concerns over the protection of religious minorities’ rights and the preservation of cultural heritage in Pakistan. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the need to safeguard places of worship and promote religious tolerance and harmony within societies.

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