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    “Report: Flash Floods Claim 33 Lives, Destroy 606 Homes in Afghanistan Within 3 Days”


    Flash Floods Devastate Afghanistan: 33 Killed, 606 Homes Destroyed in 3 Days

    Afghanistan has been hit hard by a series of devastating flash floods, resulting in the loss of at least 33 lives and the destruction of 606 homes over the past three days. The onslaught of snow, rain, and subsequent flooding has caused widespread damage and casualties across several provinces in the country.

    The State Ministry of Disaster Management, under Taliban control, reported the grim statistics, stating that 27 people were also injured in the flash floods. Janan Saiq, the ministry’s spokesperson, highlighted the severity of the situation, particularly in provinces like Farah, Herat, Zabul, and Kandahar, which bore the brunt of the disaster.

    “The majority of the deaths occurred in Kandahar province, with significant losses also recorded in Farah, Herat, and Zabul,” Saiq revealed, underscoring the tragic toll on human lives and property.

    Afghanistan, known for its vulnerability to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, avalanches, landslides, and droughts, faces immense challenges in mitigating and responding to such calamities.

    In response to the crisis, the State Ministry for Disaster Management Affairs has mobilized efforts to assist affected families, distributing aid to over 22,000 needy households since the beginning of the current solar month. However, with ongoing precipitation and the looming threat of further flooding, the ministry has issued warnings about the potential for increased casualties and urged preparedness measures in at-risk provinces.

    The recent spate of flash floods underscores the urgent need for enhanced disaster preparedness and response strategies in Afghanistan, as communities grapple with the devastating impact of natural disasters on lives and livelihoods.

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