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    US Official: Israel’s Success in Repelling Iran’s Attack “Spectacular”


    A senior US administration official has lauded Israel’s response to Iran’s recent attack, describing it as “spectacular” and “extraordinary.” The official highlighted that Iran’s attack aimed to cause significant damage and casualties but was effectively repelled by Israel’s coordination with its allies and support from US forces and assets.

    The incident, which unfolded with Iranian strikes and subsequent Israeli defenses, prompted President Joe Biden to engage with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urging careful and strategic consideration of next steps to prevent further escalation. The US reaffirmed its commitment to Israel’s security, emphasizing the “ironclad” support and collaborative efforts in defense against external threats.

    The sequence of events, as reconstructed by US officials, revealed a coordinated effort between the US and Israel to prepare for and respond to the Iranian strikes. Real-time monitoring and strategic responses underscored the success of defense mechanisms and cooperation among allied nations.

    While Iran attempted to signal an end to confrontation through diplomatic channels, US officials dismissed claims of deliberate warning or specific target information, emphasizing Iran’s intent to cause destruction. However, Israel’s preparedness and enhanced defenses thwarted Iran’s plans, showcasing military prowess and coordination among allies.

    US officials reiterated the goal of de-escalation and prevention of future attacks, emphasizing the importance of protecting forces, interests, and Israeli security. Discussions also touched upon humanitarian concerns in Gaza, where the US urged measures to protect civilians and facilitate humanitarian aid while maintaining unwavering support for Israel’s security objectives.

    The engagement between US and Israeli leadership reflects a strategic approach to regional security challenges, emphasizing dialogue, coordination, and a shared commitment to stability amidst evolving threats and dynamics.

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