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    “Robbers Use Pepper Spray, Steal ₹7 Lakh in Hyderabad ATM Attack”


    Robbers Pepper Spray and Steal ₹7 Lakh from Man at ATM in Hyderabad

    Hyderabad, Telangana: A disturbing incident took place at a Punjab National Bank ATM in the Himayathnagar area of Hyderabad on July 3. CCTV footage captured two men robbing a person of ₹7 lakh using pepper spray while the victim was depositing cash. The local police swiftly acted upon the incident, resulting in the arrest of four suspects.

    In the CCTV footage shared by ANI, two men entered the Punjab National Bank ATM while the victim was attempting to deposit money. With stealth, they sprayed pepper into the man’s eyes from behind, attempting to snatch his money bag. Despite the sudden attack, the victim courageously fought back, struggling to keep the bag away from the robbers. This resulted in banknotes scattering on the floor. While one of the robbers quickly fled the scene, the other persistently tried to snatch more cash bundles from the victim’s bag. After a few minutes, both robbers left the ATM.

    The police stated that a total of ₹7 lakh was stolen during the robbery, facilitated by the use of pepper spray. The Hyderabad Commissioner’s Task Force, in collaboration with the Domalguda Police, swiftly apprehended the individuals involved in this brazen ATM robbery.

    The arrested individuals, identified as Thansif Ali (24), Muhammed Sahad (26), Thanseeh Barikkal (23), and Abdul Muhees (23), hail from Kerala. As a result of the police operation, ₹3.25 lakh in cash, the pepper spray bottle used in the robbery, and the vehicles utilized by the robbers were all recovered.

    In a separate incident, Delhi Police recently cracked down on a gang involved in looting approximately ₹45 lakh from ATMs across the city. This gang employed a unique modus operandi, utilizing stolen cars to carry out their robberies. Prior to stealing the cars, they would dismantle the security systems in luxury vehicles equipped with automatic and push-start features. Their technical expert in Dubai would generate new security codes to unlock the stolen vehicles, enabling the gang members to escape with them.

    Additionally, the gang used bulk quantities of number plates acquired from other vehicles to mislead the police during their ATM robberies.

    These incidents serve as a reminder for individuals to remain vigilant while using ATMs and for authorities to strengthen security measures to prevent such criminal activities in the future.

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