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    “Saudi Crown Prince Accuses Israel of Perpetrating Crimes Against Palestinians During Gaza Summit”


    Saudi Crown Prince Condemns Israeli Occupation, Calls for Ceasefire at Arab-Islamic Summit on Gaza Crisis

    In a significant diplomatic gathering, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman condemned the “Israeli occupation” for the alleged crimes against Palestinians, emphasizing the need for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The remarks were made during the Arab Islamic Summit held on Saturday.

    According to reports from Arab News, the Crown Prince reiterated Saudi Arabia’s firm rejection of ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza, expressing concern over the forced displacement of Palestinian residents. He pointed out what he called “double standards” in the application of international humanitarian law and criticized the international community’s silence towards violations against Palestinian civilians.

    Addressing the attendees, Prince Mohammed bin Salman stated, “We are facing a humanitarian catastrophe that testifies to the failure of the UN Security Council and the international community to put an end to the Israeli violations—a matter that demonstrates double standards.”

    The Crown Prince called for a coordinated effort among Arab and Islamic states to take effective action, lift the siege on Gaza, and provide humanitarian aid. He urged an immediate end to the military aggression and the release of hostages to save lives.

    “The Kingdom has made tireless efforts since the beginning of the aggression in Gaza and has continued consultations to stop the war,” he added.

    Prince Mohammed bin Salman stressed that the key to stability in the region lies in ending the occupation and establishing settlements. He advocated for the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

    The emergency summit, hosted by Saudi Arabia, aimed to address the exceptional circumstances in the Palestinian Gaza Strip. Leaders from Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Iran attended the summit.

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in his address, echoed the sentiment of a united Islamic world stance on the Gaza situation. He criticized the international community for its silence and lack of calls for a ceasefire.

    The summit also highlighted collaborative efforts between Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Egypt on a potential swap deal to release Israeli hostages held by Hamas in exchange for Palestinians in Israeli jails.

    Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi arrived in Saudi Arabia for the summit, donning a traditional Palestinian keffiyeh scarf. The summit, set to continue on Sunday, will focus on addressing the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

    The participants aim to unify efforts and establish a collective position to address the escalating crisis in Gaza.

    Sources By Agencies

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