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    “Gaza’s Largest Hospital Halts Operations as Fuel Depletion Leads to Infant’s Demise”


    Tragedy Unfolds in Gaza's Largest Hospital as Fuel Depletion Causes Operations Suspension, Resulting in Infant Fatality

    In a heartbreaking turn of events, Gaza’s largest hospital, Al Shifa Medical Complex, suspended operations as fuel reserves dwindled, culminating in the death of a newborn inside an incubator. Amid ongoing Israeli military actions in and around Gaza City, where the hospital is located, the situation worsens, with escalating concerns for the safety of patients and medical staff.

    The Palestinian Health Ministry spokesperson, Ashraf Al-Qidra, reported that the dire circumstances inside Al Shifa are exacerbated by Israeli military actions, hindering movement and posing a significant threat to those seeking medical assistance. The Israeli military contends that Hamas militants have strategically placed command centers under the hospital, making them susceptible to military targeting.

    Al-Qidra further highlighted that Israeli army snipers on nearby rooftops intermittently fire into the medical complex, severely limiting the ability of medics and individuals to move freely. The lack of electricity and internet connectivity adds to the challenges faced by medical personnel striving to maintain patient care.

    The hospital’s suspension of operations has dire consequences, especially for premature infants in incubators. The Palestinian Health Ministry expressed urgency, stating that without fuel, the incubators would only function until evening, putting the lives of 39 premature babies at risk.

    As conflicting narratives surround the hospital’s use for military purposes, with Israel alleging Hamas involvement and Hamas denying such claims, the international community is urged to intervene. The situation underscores the urgent need for humanitarian aid and a cessation of hostilities to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable populations in Gaza.

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