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    Second Ship Targeted by Houthi Rebels Sinks in Red Sea in 3 Months


    Houthi Rebels Sink Second Ship in Red Sea in Three Months

    Yemen’s Houthi militants have reportedly sunk a second commercial vessel in the Red Sea, according to the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO). The Greek-owned ship, identified as the Tutor, was attacked by missiles and an explosive-laden remote-controlled boat on June 12, leading to significant damage and water ingress. One crew member from the Tutor remains missing.

    The incident marks the second downing of a commercial vessel by the Houthis since November. The Houthis claim these attacks are acts of solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. Previously, the UK-owned Rubymar sank on March 2, approximately two weeks after it was damaged by a Houthi attack.

    Efforts to reach the Tutor’s manager for comments have been unsuccessful. The recent sinking highlights the ongoing threat posed by Houthi militants to maritime security in the Red Sea. The rebels, backed by Iran, have escalated their attacks using drones and missiles, targeting commercial vessels and causing significant disruptions to global trade.

    The Houthis’ assaults have forced shipping companies to divert their routes around southern Africa, resulting in longer travel times, increased costs, and delayed deliveries. The instability has further strained global supply chains already impacted by various geopolitical tensions.

    In addition to the sinking of the Tutor and Rubymar, the Houthis have seized another vessel and killed three sailors in separate attacks. The ongoing maritime aggression by the Houthis underscores the fragile security situation in the region and its broader implications for international shipping and trade.

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