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    “Two Shipwrecks Off Italy Claim Lives of 10 Migrants, Dozens Missing”


    Tragedy Strikes as 10 Migrants Perish, Dozens Feared Missing in 2 Italian Shipwrecks

    In a heart-wrenching turn of events, ten migrants lost their lives, and many more are feared missing after two separate shipwrecks off the coast of Italy. The grim discovery unfolded as rescuers rushed to aid migrants stranded on a wooden boat near Lampedusa, where they uncovered the tragic sight of ten bodies below deck, as reported by the German aid organization ResQship.

    The rescue operation, albeit successful in saving 51 individuals aboard the Nadir vessel, was marred by the devastating loss of ten lives due to the vessel being inundated with water. Among the survivors, two were found unconscious and had to be freed using an axe, highlighting the perilous conditions these migrants faced.

    Simultaneously, Italy’s coastguard launched a search near Calabria following reports of another shipwreck, potentially involving up to 60 missing migrants, according to survivor accounts. The coastguard’s efforts were triggered by a distress call from a French pleasure boat, which had encountered the partially submerged migrant vessel.

    Upon receiving the distress call, the French boat rescued 12 survivors before transferring them to an Italian coastguard vessel. Tragically, one of the survivors succumbed shortly after disembarking, underscoring the severity of the situation and the challenges faced by these vulnerable migrants.

    As the search and rescue mission intensifies, reports indicate that the missing migrants hailed from Afghanistan and Iran, adding a poignant layer to the human tragedy unfolding in the Mediterranean waters. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the perils faced by migrants seeking refuge and opportunities, often risking their lives on perilous sea journeys.

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