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    “Ukraine Aims for EU Membership, Bolstering Institutions Ahead of Report”


    "Ukraine Aims for EU Membership, Bolstering Institutions Ahead of Report"

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his unwavering determination that Ukraine would ultimately join the European Union (EU) in his daily address to the nation. He made this declaration on the eve of a significant report that assesses Kyiv’s progress as a candidate country.

    Zelensky referred to the upcoming report from the European Commission as “historic” and acknowledged that the process was an essential step for Ukraine. The report, which will also assess the progress of Moldova and Georgia, is due to be published on Wednesday. Subsequently, EU member states will discuss whether to commence accession negotiations at a summit scheduled for mid-December in Brussels.

    The Ukrainian President emphasized that his country had already come a long way toward achieving EU membership and that they were “preparing our next steps.” These steps involve strengthening the country’s institutions and adapting to EU standards, which are necessary prerequisites for joining the EU.

    Ukraine was granted candidate status by the EU in June 2022, marking a symbolic step towards EU integration. However, to move forward in the accession process, Kyiv must meet seven benchmarks outlined by the European Commission. These benchmarks encompass critical areas such as anti-corruption measures and judicial reforms.

    In September, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen acknowledged Ukraine’s significant progress in meeting the defined criteria, setting the stage for further discussions and negotiations on the path to EU membership.

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