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    “Mass Exodus Underway as Israeli Forces Advance in Gaza, Targeting Hamas Facilities”


    Escalation in Israel-Hamas Conflict Sparks Mass Exodus and International Concern

    In a dramatic turn of events, the Israel-Hamas conflict has reached a critical point, with Israeli troops advancing into Gaza, targeting Hamas infrastructure. Thousands of Palestinians are fleeing North Gaza to avoid being trapped in the crossfire, leading to a humanitarian crisis. The situation is exacerbated as Israel insists on a ceasefire only after the release of hostages held by Hamas.

    Updates on the Israel-Hamas War:

    1. Close-range combat in Gaza City: Israeli troops and Hamas operatives engage in close-range combat in Gaza City. Israel claims to have entered the “heart” of the Gaza Strip.
    2. Civilians trapped in the conflict: Thousands remain trapped in the encircled north, including those seeking shelter at Gaza City’s Al Shifa hospital, where makeshift tents offer refuge.
    3. IDF’s targeted assault: The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) share a video showcasing their assault on Gaza cities, emphasizing the targeting of Hamas infrastructure and tunnels.
    4. Intense street battles: Hamas releases a video depicting intense street battles amid bombed-out buildings in Gaza City.
    5. Origins of the conflict: The war began with a Hamas attack on Israel, resulting in Israeli officials reporting around 1,400 casualties, primarily civilians, and the seizure of 239 hostages.
    6. Humanitarian impact: Israel’s retaliation, including relentless bombardment and ground invasion, has reportedly claimed over 10,500 lives, with a significant number being children, according to the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza.
    7. Ceasefire rejection: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects international calls for a ceasefire, insisting on the release of all hostages by Hamas as a precondition.
    8. Evacuation challenges: Hamas claims that Israel has halted the evacuation of wounded Palestinians or foreigners from Gaza to Egypt via the Rafah crossing, leading to further complications.
    9. US strike in Syria: US warplanes target an Iran-linked weapons storage facility in eastern Syria in response to attacks against American personnel, according to US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin.
    10. US actions in Syria: This marks the second time in two weeks that the United States has targeted a location in Syria linked to Iran, attributing it to Iran’s support for groups responsible for attacks on US forces in the Middle East.

    As tensions escalate, international concerns grow over the humanitarian impact of the conflict and the potential for broader regional repercussions. The world watches closely as efforts to address the crisis and push for a ceasefire face significant challenges.

    Sources By Agencies

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