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    “US Issues Warning to China Over Potential Russian Progress in Ukraine”


    US Warns China of Consequences if Russia Advances Further in Ukraine

    In a stern warning, the United States has cautioned China against supporting Russia’s potential gains in Ukraine, emphasizing that such actions could impact the US-China relationship. The warning comes amidst renewed cooperation between Beijing and Moscow, raising concerns about the balance of power in Europe.

    Kurt Campbell, the US Deputy Secretary of State known for his involvement in reshaping US policy towards Asia, highlighted the significance of maintaining peace and stability in Europe, labeling it as a top priority historically for the United States. He expressed apprehensions about Russian territorial advancements altering the European power dynamics in unacceptable ways.

    “We have told China directly, if this continues, it will have an impact on the US-China relationship. We will not sit by and say everything is fine,” Campbell stated, underscoring the seriousness of the situation.

    Campbell’s remarks were prompted by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s recent visit to China, during which President Xi Jinping reaffirmed Beijing’s readiness to enhance coordination with Moscow. The US has been closely monitoring these developments, especially in light of intelligence indicating Russia’s intentions regarding Ukraine.

    The Biden administration had previously warned Chinese officials about the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, although Campbell noted that China might not have fully believed or anticipated the scale of such actions. He pointed out China’s initial defensive measures to prevent regime change in Russia but acknowledged Russia’s significant retooling and increased threat to Ukraine and the region.

    The US has been vocal about potential sanctions against China if it intensifies support for Russia, particularly as Russia allegedly turns to North Korea and Iran for military supplies amid heavy sanctions. This situation underscores the complex geopolitical dynamics at play, with the US closely monitoring China’s actions in the context of the Ukraine crisis.

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