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    Video: Italian Parliament Members Engage in Physical Altercation Prior to G7 Summit


    Italian Parliament Descends into Chaos as MPs Clash Over Autonomy Plans, Sparking Comparisons to Fascist Era

    A dramatic brawl erupted in the Italian parliament on Wednesday evening as lawmakers clashed over the government’s proposal to grant more autonomy to regions, leading to widespread condemnation and comparisons to the tumultuous days of fascism.

    The altercation began when Five Star Movement (MS5) deputy Leonardo Donno attempted to symbolically tie an Italian flag around the neck of regional affairs minister Roberto Calderoli from the pro-autonomy Northern League. Donno’s gesture was a protest against plans to decentralize power from Rome to regions seeking greater autonomy, a move critics fear could undermine national unity.

    In response to Donno’s action, members of the Northern League swarmed him, resulting in a chaotic melee involving around 20 individuals. Donno sustained injuries during the scuffle and had to be evacuated in a wheelchair for medical attention.

    The incident has ignited a storm of reactions, with political leaders and media outlets expressing shock and dismay. La Repubblica lamented, “The squadrist right is fighting in parliament,” referencing paramilitary groups from Italy’s fascist history. Corriere della Sera described the scene as a “boxing ring,” highlighting the intensity of the clash.

    Lawmakers from Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s party, Brothers of Italy, accused Donno of instigating the confrontation and questioned the legitimacy of his injuries. In contrast, MS5 condemned the violence as a “serious and shameful attack,” demanding immediate action to address the situation.

    Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani emphasized the need for politicians to set a better example and refrain from resorting to physical altercations to resolve political disagreements. Critics of the autonomy proposal argue that it could lead to reduced public services in economically disadvantaged regions.

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