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    Vladimir Putin says Instant Ceasefire in Ukraine Under Specific Conditions


    Putin Offers Immediate Ceasefire in Ukraine Contingent on Conditions

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, provided that Kyiv withdraws its troops from four occupied regions and abandons plans to join NATO. The announcement came during Putin’s speech at the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow, coinciding with the G7 summit in Italy.

    “We will do it immediately,” Putin stated, highlighting the conditions for the ceasefire amid ongoing international discussions on resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

    The G7 summit, comprising industrialized nations, is taking place in Italy, where leaders are addressing critical global issues, including the Ukraine crisis. Meanwhile, preparations are underway for a separate summit in Switzerland involving over 90 countries and organizations to explore avenues for peace in Ukraine, although Russia has opted out, labeling the gathering as futile.

    Russia presently holds control over a significant portion of Ukrainian territory, a situation that Kyiv insists can only be rectified through the complete withdrawal of Russian forces and the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

    Putin’s recent remarks also clarified Russia’s intentions during its advance towards Kyiv two years ago, asserting that the goal was to negotiate a peace agreement rather than storming the capital. Despite Western claims of a potential capture of Kyiv and the installation of pro-Russian leadership, Putin emphasized that nuclear weapons were not part of Russia’s strategy to resolve the conflict.

    Earlier this month, Putin explicitly ruled out the use of nuclear weapons in the Ukrainian conflict, citing the absence of a substantial threat to Russia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. This statement was a significant departure from speculations about potential nuclear escalation in the region.

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