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    “Overnight Wealth: Pakistani Fisherman Turns Millionaire with a Single Fish Sale!”


    "Windfall in the Waves: Pakistani Fisherman Strikes Gold, Earns 7 Crore PKR Selling Rare 'Sowa' Fish"

    In a story that seems like a tale from folklore, Haji Baloch, a Pakistani fisherman from the Ibrahim Hyderi fishing village in Karachi, found himself catapulted into wealth overnight after an extraordinary catch in the Arabian Sea. Baloch and his crew managed to capture the rare and highly sought-after ‘Sowa’ or golden fish, a windfall that would change their fortunes dramatically.

    The entire haul of Sowa fish, known for its rarity and believed to possess great medicinal properties in substances found within its belly, was sold for a staggering seven crore Pakistani rupees at the Karachi harbour on a fateful Friday. According to Mubarak Khan from the Pakistan Fishermen Folk Forum, the auction saw a single fish fetching an impressive PKR 70 lakh. The Sowa, weighing between 20-40 kgs and capable of growing up to 1.5 meters, holds not only commercial value but also cultural and traditional significance in local communities. It is often utilized in traditional medicines and regional cuisine.

    Baloch, a resident of the fishing village, expressed his astonishment at the unexpected windfall, stating, “We were fishing in the open sea of Karachi… when we came across this huge cache of golden fish, and it was a windfall for us.” He also conveyed his intention to share the newfound wealth with his crew of seven people, highlighting the communal nature of their fishing endeavors.

    This is not the first time such a stroke of luck has occurred in the Pakistani fishing industry. In 2021, a fisherman in the Jiwani area of Gwadar became an overnight millionaire after catching a 48-kg Sowa fish, selling it for 86.4 lakh Pakistani rupees in an auction, as reported by Geo News.

    The tale of Haji Baloch’s overnight success stands as a testament to the unpredictable and sometimes extraordinary rewards that the vast expanse of the sea can offer to those who depend on it for their livelihoods.

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