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    “Haryana Government Demolishes 1,208 Structures in Nuh Amid Claims of Targeting Specific Community”


    "Haryana Government's Demolition Drive in Nuh District Raises Concerns Over Targeted Properties"

    In a contentious move, the Haryana government has recently undertaken a demolition drive in Nuh district, resulting in the razing of over 1,200 buildings and structures, predominantly owned by a particular community. The demolitions came in the wake of communal violence that claimed six lives and left 88 injured. While the government cites various reasons for the demolitions, concerns are mounting over the perceived targeted nature of the operation and the lack of proper notifications to affected property owners.

    Reports indicate that the demolished properties spanned across multiple cities and villages, including Nuh, Nalhar, Punhana, Tauru, and more. However, the high number of Muslim-owned properties raised eyebrows and sparked allegations of bias. The Punjab & Haryana High Court intervened on August 7, questioning the fairness of the demolitions and temporarily staying further actions.

    Officials claim that the demolitions were carried out based on the recommendations of a group comprising officials from different departments, including town and country planning, police, forest, and local panchayats. Properties owned by those arrested or identified as being involved in the violence were targeted.

    However, affected property owners argue that they were neither given prior notice nor informed about the impending demolitions. The lack of due process has sparked outrage among those whose properties were razed. For instance, some property owners shared their stories of minimal notice, with one individual even claiming that a demolition notice was posted just minutes before his establishment was destroyed.

    The demolition drive was not without its controversies. Concerns arose over the indiscriminate nature of the demolitions, leading some to question if there was a deliberate targeting of a specific community. Instances were reported where properties were demolished despite belonging to individuals not directly associated with the communal violence.

    Haryana’s Superintendent of Police, Narendra Bijarniya, emphasized that the drive targeted illegal constructions and individuals involved in anti-social activities. Yet, questions remain regarding the transparency of the warnings issued and the adherence to due process.

    The aftermath of the demolitions has left families homeless, and some have demanded evidence of their alleged involvement in the violence. Critics argue that the demolitions disproportionately affected one section of society and may have broader implications for communal harmony.

    As the affected families seek answers and justice, the Haryana government faces mounting pressure to address concerns over the targeted nature of the demolition drive and ensure a fair and transparent process moving forward.

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