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    “Putin Accuses Ukraine and the West of Inciting Anti-Israel Riot in Dagestan”


    Putin Accuses Ukraine and the West of Instigating Anti-Israel Riot in Dagestan

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has pointed fingers at Ukraine and Western powers, blaming them for inciting the anti-Israel riot that unfolded at Dagestan’s Makhachkala airport on Sunday evening. The accusation has prompted a strong response from Washington, which deemed Putin’s claims as absurd.

    Security forces in the Muslim-majority region have apprehended more than 80 individuals since the incident occurred. During the riot, protesters took control of the airport runway in an attempt to encircle a plane that had arrived from Israel.

    In a televised meeting, President Putin stated, “The events in Makhachkala last night were instigated through social networks, not least from Ukraine, by the hands of agents of Western special services.” He made these remarks while addressing high-ranking members of his Security Council.

    Furthermore, Putin expressed concerns about attempts to destabilize Russian society and accused the United States of sowing instability in the Middle East. He remarked, “Who is organizing the deadly chaos and who benefits from it today, in my opinion, has already become obvious… It is the current ruling elites of the U.S. and their satellites who are the main beneficiaries of world instability.”

    He emphasized the need for Russian law enforcement to take “firm, timely, and clear actions” in response to the riot, with the aim of safeguarding “inter-religious harmony.”

    It’s worth noting that Moscow has frequently attributed domestic unrest to external factors, often implicating Western forces.

    Putin’s allegations come in the wake of the Russian foreign ministry’s claim that Kyiv played a “direct role” in the Dagestan riot. Washington swiftly rejected this assertion, with U.S. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller describing it as “absurd.”

    Miller called upon Russian authorities to publicly denounce the violent protests, hold those involved accountable, and ensure the safety of Israelis and Jews in Russia. The incident at Makhachkala airport has heightened tensions and underscored the complexities surrounding international relations in the region.

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