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    “Telegram Channel Alleges Vladimir Putin’s Recent Appearances Utilize Body Doubles”


    Vladimir Putin's Recent Appearances Raise Speculation About His Health

    Recent claims made by a Telegram channel, General SVR, are casting doubt on the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The channel, whose authenticity cannot be verified, alleges that Putin has been seriously unwell and that his recent public appearances have been carried out by body doubles. These allegations have triggered widespread speculation about the leader’s condition.

    According to the Telegram channel, Putin reportedly suffered a “cardiac arrest” on a Sunday evening and was resuscitated in an intensive care ward at his residence. The unverified account even described an incident involving security officers who heard noises and found Putin lying on the floor next to an overturned table with food and drinks. However, the credibility of this source remains a subject of debate.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov swiftly denied these allegations, labeling them as an “absurd hoax.” He reassured the public that the Russian President is in good health, refuting claims that body doubles have been used during his recent public engagements.

    Vladimir Putin, known for his “action man” image and being a judo enthusiast, recently celebrated his 71st birthday on October 7. Despite his age, he maintains a rigorous schedule of meetings and public appearances, many of which are televised. His activities have included a visit to China and stops in Russian cities in the past week.

    The use of body doubles has been a persistent rumor surrounding Putin’s public life. In a 2020 interview, Putin denied these speculations but acknowledged being offered the chance to use body doubles in the past for security reasons. Earlier this year, Peskov reaffirmed the President’s good health, dismissing any talk of body doubles as “yet another lie.”

    While these allegations have fueled speculation and debate, the Kremlin maintains that Vladimir Putin is in good health and continues to fulfill his presidential duties. The situation underscores the ongoing interest and scrutiny surrounding the Russian President’s health and public appearances.

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